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dm_rm_uk() removes one or more unique keys from a table and leaves the dm object otherwise unaltered. An error is thrown if no unique key matches the selection criteria. If the selection criteria are ambiguous, a message with unambiguous replacement code is shown. Foreign keys are never removed.


dm_rm_uk(dm, table = NULL, columns = NULL, ...)



A dm object.


A table in the dm. Pass NULL to remove all matching keys.


Table columns, unquoted. To refer to a compound key, use c(col1, col2). Pass NULL (the default) to remove all matching keys.


These dots are for future extensions and must be empty.


An updated dm without the indicated unique key(s).

See also

Other primary key functions: dm_add_pk(), dm_add_uk(), dm_get_all_pks(), dm_get_all_uks(), dm_has_pk(), dm_rm_pk(), enum_pk_candidates()