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db_schema_drop() deletes a schema from the database. For certain DBMS it is possible to force the removal of a non-empty schema, see below.


db_schema_drop(con, schema, force = FALSE, ...)



An object of class "src" or "DBIConnection".


Class character or SQL (cf. Details), name of the schema


Boolean, default FALSE. Set to TRUE to drop a schema and all objects it contains at once. Currently only supported for Postgres.


Passed on to the individual methods.


NULL invisibly.


Methods are not available for all DBMS.

An error is thrown if no schema of that name exists.

The argument schema (and dbname for MSSQL) can be provided as SQL objects. Keep in mind, that in this case it is assumed that they are already correctly quoted as identifiers.

Additional arguments are:

  • dbname: supported for MSSQL. Remove a schema from a different database on the connected MSSQL-server; default: database addressed by con.

See also

Other schema handling functions: db_schema_create(), db_schema_exists(), db_schema_list()